Thursday, April 11, 2013

Read-on, remember, recollect, practise.......

“You wouldn’t worry quite so much about what other people thought of you if you only realized how little they actually did!”


“We become what we think about.”


“How important is this, really? What is the worst thing that would happen if the thing I am worrying about came true?”


“Good habits are hard to form and easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with. Pay attention. Be aware. If we don’t consciously form good ones, we will  unconsciously form bad ones.”


“If I put my problems on paper and then share them with someone that cares, I cut them in half. Conversely, if I share my joys I double them.”


“How long will I let this issue be a challenge? How long will I let fear, resentment or self-pity consume me, one minute, one hour, one Day, one Week, one Month? Its up to me to change my mind, no one else can do that for me!”


“First we form habits, then they form us.”


“To live without fear is one of the life’s chief aims.”

5 Cs

1. Clarify your vision.
Make fear your friend, not your master. You don't know what you don't know. Open your mind to discover possibilities that may not be obvious at the time. Zero in on a goal that has depth of meaning. The journey has to be worth taking.

ACTION: Find the elephant buzz. Find the emotion that ignites the vision. Inspire your team through emotion. Never underestimate the power of emotion.


2. Commit to cultivating positive dominant thoughts.
Shift beliefs, attitudes and truths so they are in alignment with your vision. Envision having the goal, rather than merely wanting the goal.

ACTION: Stay the Course, Change is gradual. Remember the Drops in the Bucket to avoid frustration. Learn to delay gratification.


3. Consistently focus on performance.
Experience the goal as though it were happening right now. Show your gratitude consistently.

ACTION: Use Gold dot reminders. Gold dots are triggers for goals that have emotions tied to them. The personal gold dot must align with the gold dot of the team.


4. Strengthen confidence.
Frustration will lead to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts add fuel to more negativity. This negativity can be a pattern that destroys confidence. No two thoughts can occupy the mind at the same time. Replace negativity with positive, confident thoughts.

ACTION: Institute pattern busters. Once you recognize yourself or your team playing out the pattern of negativity, interrup the patter by saying "Thank you, but this is not part of my vision. My vision is...........".    Experience the vision in detail.


5. Control the response to any situation.

Unforeseen circumstances will arise. Expect the unexpected. Anticipate your response to challenges as well as your team's.

ACTION: Use flash cards. Design flash cards that detail stressful scenarios. Mentally experience handling these stressful situations with ease.


I read these! My blog with the lines that mattered to me.....


This is Srikanth. Started reading book from past 1 month. While "Ant and Elephant" has been the first, finished Freedom from Fear next. I realized how much I could have missed by not reading books in the past 31 years of my life. Nothing to worry... there's always tomorrow. So will read as many as I can and make sure to share, spread all that I could. So the occassional notes that I take from comes here. Sorry, doesnt mean to hurt any copyrights but this is all for my personal review just like the notes that I scribble. So not meant for publishing here neither I keep all the text from books. Only excerts.